Monday, November 7, 2011


If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it. 
~ Andy Rooney

In my mind Andy is looking down saying, Why don't you come up with your own words? Really, all you have is a quote from me? That's original.

Then I smile and realize it's not because I'm alone and mean it but that I'm crazy enough to think Mr. Rooney could be reading this from beyond the grave.

Rest however you would like, Andy Rooney. I enjoyed what I heard of your life.


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Johnny Boy said...

You are a beautiful, crazy, eccentric, amazing woman. All day I have felt terrible, sick and feeling sorry for myself. But right now I'm smiling, because you said exactly the right thing in exactly the right way. Or maybe you didn't. Maybe you said exactly the wrong thing in the wrong way and yet still the sheer beauty of it causes my face to break out in a wonderful smile that feels great with a belly laugh leading to much coughing and convulsing as my body tells me that I'm still sick. Because of you, however, I continue to laugh with your lovely quote of "fuckit" playing in my head. Thank you again for being amazing! I think if I'm not your biggest anonymous fan, I'm really freakin close!