Thursday, November 17, 2011


The system was toxic. Early warning signs had been disregarded since the symptoms were so subtle. A slight cough, intermittent lower back pain, muscle spasms in the eye, a general numbness would come over the victim then leave. It was as if the disease had a mind of it's own, and it had orchestrated a complete demise. Once the population became accustomed to existing in the slightest of atmospheric change, the temperature would then drop one half of one degree. New symptoms would be added to the list of others but still nothing so remarkable to be noticed among a group. Even the deafness had become filled with chatter and as a result ignored since all they ever did anymore was talk to themselves.

Looking back now it is plain to see what the worm had done was take away the worry. And who's to say that is a bad thing and who would listen if anyone did say it because the system was toxic and would eventually due to it's very nature heal itself.

Dear Reader,

This is one of those rare times I wake up with a sentence. I don't know where it comes from because I don't remember what I dreamed but I don't worry anymore that you or anyone else may think I've lost it because maybe I did. Maybe I needed to.

Otherwise, it's Thursday and my last four remaining hours of vacation will be paid today. As of noon I am swinging on a trapeze without a net. Weeeeeeeeeeee......

Gratitude with all kinds of crazy love,

Now I just need to get Billy Sue to stop worrying or at least invest in some anti-aging creme. Chic is working the wrinkles.

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