Saturday, November 19, 2011

dude! you're twenty.

Twenty years ago today at 11pm tonight an amazing thing happened. Worlds were changed. People started calling each other by different names. Responsibilities shifted and one's own life didn't seem as important as another. Although preparations were made, no one could have explained all that needed to be done which now makes sense considering it was never about the doing. It was, is and always will be about the connection of that moment to all future moments.

Plus, today is the day you can look in the paper at your horoscope and it will say that if today is your birthday then this is specifically for you. You, Slater! Today is that day in the paper.

Also, people will send you cards and gifts and they'll call before you're awake and a special dinner will be made and a cake constructed out of your favorite cookie and oh. my. gosh. You're twenty years old.



Who loves you?

I do more than I could ever write.

Happy Birthday, Slater. I am so very grateful for you.

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