Wednesday, October 5, 2011

where I lurk

It is not easy being the focus of a family intervention where hard truths are spoken by the ones you love the most and who, in turn, care enough to say what needs to be said. We were enjoying a nice beach vacation a couple of years ago when Josh so kindly turned to me and said, Shea, you talk about Dan Auerbach like a Jehovah's Witness talks about Jesus.

Point taken. Keep the crazy love on the down low. Understand everyone has their right to a personal choice of music. It's just that, well, if you listened to him, if maybe you started with this album and then listened to that album and go back to that other album and then the other one and oh good gosh, can I just sit in your living room and talk about how Dan Auerbach came to save your soul?


Okay. But he did.

And then there were these other people, all carrying some sweet message, kind enough to share their lives...

writing a note to make you laugh,

taking a photograph which makes you smile,

inspiring you as if he was your own personal Vince Lombardi and every morning was Super Bowl Sunday,

showing up as a comfortable friend who never disappoints,

astounding you with one paragraph which said everything that ever needed to be said.

And who could forget this guy?

Then today the love grew. It widened when I found this lady and I read what she wrote and I knew instantly that I loved her. The writing, it is stellar.

Okay, I'll leave now. I can see you're getting ready for bed. Could I come back tomorrow, maybe bring some more brochures on my personal brand of salvation? No? You'll have to think about it? No? Maybe you'll change your mind by then. I'll come knocking about the same time tomorrow.

Just know that I am grateful for your time tonight.

And so grateful for those artists who keep coming back and doing the work.

R.I.P. Steve Jobs


Sharon Longworth said...

Shea, I read this, clicking on all the links, smiling at your introductions to them and enjoying the different sites they went to. Then all of a sudden I found myself clicking into my own blog. I am so touched and flattered - thank you.

Shea Goff said...

It is an honor to have you here, Sharon. I truly enjoy your writing. It reminds me to slow down and notice. Thank you for sharing your talent.