Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This is where we start to end.

The next twenty-eight days will be spent in preparation of a final exit. What I do now should show not only how much I care for friends but for a stranger as well. The place I leave will be better than it was when I found it. It will be clean, the filing will finally be done. All those notes in my head, when he needs this, the way she expects that, will be written down and then typed into a program. Nobody should have to learn all that the hard way.

I will not love saying goodbye to people I have come to love so I will treat this time as the sweetest hello to someone I have not yet met.

May I open this door for you,
It is a great start to the day if you could already have the coffee brewing when she walks in the building. Whenever she says the world is going to end tell her it is just the beginning.

A wink,
He likes to argue and his smile will light up the room for everyone so play along. There is no power struggle. It is just pretend. Do for him and he will do for you.

And a smile,
He is the key. Treat him well, understand his value and listen. He will tell you what you need to know.

I quit my day job in a world where people rarely quit anymore for good reason since there are not as many jobs as there used to be. Soon I'll be off to create one of those rare job thingies.

With gratitude of course.

Post Script for you, my friend.
When I told the one guy who I've been telling his whole life, Do what you love, my son, that I quit he said, This should be interesting. My response went something like, Well, hell yeah, it's gonna be interesting. When has life not been interesting?

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