Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What are your plans? He asks.

To be nocturnal, I say.

He laughs.

I don't.


Seriously. I want to be a opossum when I grow up.

Nice, he says.

I know.

Then what?

I will work on my house and get it sold.

In this housing market?


Then what?

I don't know. Do I have to plan everything?

Most people like security and that comes with a certain amount of planning.

Yeah. Okay. I get it.

So you have other plans?


No secrets?

No. Can you be okay with that?

Well, I guess. It's your life.


I am so very grateful for my family and friends.

Dear Reader,

I went back to the old format for blogging because it is nice and simple, a good representation of what is happening in my life currently. That topped with a good friend saying she was having a hard time seeing the photographs and leaving a comment with the new way.

Here we are in black and white.

Have I said thank you lately?

Thank you, my sweet and curious reader. I can't imagine quitting you.


Anonymous said...

good move and good luck

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, Anonymous.