Monday, October 3, 2011

Occum's Razor


I tell myself to keep it simple. Don't complicate matters with stories in your head. Very simply this photograph won a mention of the honorable type in the Backyards of Mississippi Contest and I won $10. Simple, beautiful, fantastic, yay me. At the same time the photograph prompted the art council to urge me to join their group with an annual membership fee of $20 and that's all it takes.

Was I the only nonmember entering the contest? Is this how they get new members into their group? Or wait, do all nonmembers get an honorable mention? How many of those things were given away? She said I was very creative and wrote, I love you work. When people leave out something as simple as the r in your is that some sort of tell to their dishonesty? What kind of occult is this? How desperate are these people to get someone else in their group?


When you are in Texas and you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. ~ Theodore Woodward

But what if you are from Mississippi and every animal known to man is running in your head, a stampede of thoughts on how you are not good enough?

What I do is send the $10 and become part of a possibly desperate artistic group and surround myself with living, breathing people who love to do what I love to do. We'll see. I'll let you, reader, know if anything weird starts happening. We know it will, don't we?


Before the stampede.

And once it clears.

I am most grateful for the mention of the honorable type and the half price membership.

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