Tuesday, October 4, 2011

means to an end


Even in the most trying of times the weight of big hoop earrings can distract. The feel of a leather boot as it reaches up a calf to a knee cradles a leg as it steps in a line for bread. Glossy burgundy lips make the oh in oh no, I forgot, nicer it seems. Bracelets can dangle, clink before resting as you lay a hand across a desk. Two coats of mascara are required for such special moments when the batting of eyelashes provide punctuation for questions of need. Spray the curl in place, add color to the cheeks. Remember to smile.

Just don't let them look you in the eyes.

Dear Reader,

Where the hell did that come from? Hmm. I have some ideas, but I think tonight I'll cuddle up in a blanket on a couch and have a date with this guy. Oh my beating heart, a new season.

Much love,
Grateful Me

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