Saturday, October 29, 2011


She carries a sign. On it in black magic marker is written We're kind of a BIG deal. The word big is highlighted in pink and I watch from my office window as she poses for photographs. Yesterday I sat on a park bench eating my lunch and watching as the crowd of people grew and the chatter became louder when she plopped down beside me. She turned to me, smiled and said Hi so I did the same. Then I watched her as she unlaced her sneakers and removed them to reveal small feet with black painted toenails. She placed the shoes on the bench beside her, stretched back looking into the sky and sighing before she seemingly said to it rather than me, It's such a beautiful day.

Yes, I said. It is.

Again she turned to look at me as if she had forgotten I was just there. I wondered for a moment if she was stoned then decided I didn't care. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, Whatcha got there? She pointed at the sandwich in my lap and lit the cigarette.

Egg and olive, I said, my wife's specialty.

She grinned, Nice.

Would you like this half? I offered.

How lovely of you to share, but I'm okay. She made it for you.

I nodded and we heard someone shouting to the left, Alexis!

Over here, she yelled back and a large man with a long curly beard began walking our way.

Gotta go, she said as she picked up her shoes and looked back at me one last time, Nice to meet you.

You as well, I said.

Today I keep returning to the window to watch the crowd grow in Zuccotti Park. Now and again I catch a glimpse of her. It is one of those moments when I am searching that Ned walks into the office and finds me staring at the crowd. Keeping an eye on the enemy? He laughs.

Yeah, I guess so, I say.

Dear Reader,

It's Saturday and I am just playing with a story inspired from photographs taken by Matthew Septimus, found via Dooce.

May you have whatever you need in this world,
Grateful Me, AKA Not Your Enemy

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