Monday, October 31, 2011


Yesterday morning I tried to write a letter to Mississippi in the form of a blog post. I tried to tell her how much I loved her, what I loved about her and then I tried to reason with her. Yes, I personified my state in the form of a woman. A head and heart strong woman who brings an extreme amount of care and loyalty to those residing in her home. It has been said by many a Mississippi mother, I will kill for my children. It is our dark side, a murderous nature born of our loins. We do not apologize for this and we understand this is not a pro life stance.

Back to the letter.

It sucked. My letter was too emotional. I was too connected to the stories of people I knew, a girlfriend who was raped while taking her normal early morning jog in college, children I worked with in both state and private psychiatric facilities and a nephew who could one day benefit from today's embryonic stem cell research. The letter felt too personal. I felt ashamed to even have to write it to a woman I knew and loved, a woman who taught me what being a mother meant.

Then the issue came to my child's attention so I knew I had to say something about choice and where we decide to focus our efforts. He and I will both be voting on November 8th.

Dear Mississippi,

Don't make me write to you about this.

Please don't make me remind you of this.

Don't displace your efforts. Help the living, breathing children you have in your home right now.

Please vote NO on Statewide Initiative Measure No. 26 or at the very least bring your foster and/or adopted children with you to the polls if you plan on voting yes.

Grateful me


Anonymous said...

I agree, theres more to this than people realize. Vote no

Shea Goff said...