Thursday, October 13, 2011

critical thinking

Here comes the requisite shame from spreading frustration and anger, a monster feeding itself. I am angry so I spout some tirade which makes me feel shame which then turns again into anger and oh, don't we just love drawing circles .

You would think a girl raised in a church would grasp the concept of forgiveness and stop drawing circles. I am trying. Don't say it, Yoda, this is fragile territory.

Last Saturday I took a ride with a friend. We were going nowhere so we stopped everywhere. We both took pictures. I brought these here for you and me so we can remember what that afternoon felt like.



Hey Debi, do you think it's open?

Let's see.

Why yes, it is.



Climbing Fences

I do fall. I trip and fall on my face constantly. Just know, please, I am not only grateful for the obvious beauty surrounding me but also for these precious lessons I am learning.

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