Wednesday, September 28, 2011

when technology dies

The computer got sick, was feverish but still after all these years attempted with all it's might to perform it's duties. I was unaware the effort of what seemed to be the brain, the tapping of the rapid workings within, was the Kussmaul breathing of an old friend. When all my efforts of which were admittedly few failed to return us to where we had been I called the ambulance. They rushed it to the ER where it sat waiting at least twenty-four hours. I knew I couldn't disturb the surgeons, I mean they have your coworker's life in their hands. One small move and you've lost the most diligent, persistent, day in day out without complaint, no request for a raise, no bitching about the workload friend you have.

Now I know phoning to check would not have mattered.

The doctor called me today.

There will be no services. Don't worry with sending flowers. No money needs to be sent to a charity in my old computer's name. It is simply over. A friend is gone and now replaced.


Oh my gosh


Yes, I am grateful. Grateful for the time we had.

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