Friday, September 23, 2011


There was this story called Blue I wrote years ago. Then I deleted it.

It is gone.

I wish I had it back. I would revamp it and submit it to this contest that could very well be taking over my life and driving me insane. But then maybe the story wasn't as good as I remember and maybe I would still be in the predicament I am right now. You know the one. I stare at a page, write some drivel and ultimately decide I am a fool for even attempting to write.

This is hard. I don't do well with deadlines and commitments so today it no longer exists. I will not miss it. There will be no romantic thoughts of remember when I could write, no dreamy aspirations of maybe one day I will again.

Today is a photography contest, more cleaning than any one person should ever do in such a limited time, dinner with a friend and gratitude.

Yes, I just put gratitude on a list. (not my most proud moment here, folks)

After that we'll see.

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