Friday, September 9, 2011


Every morning she wakes up in a state of learned helplessness. If it wasn't for bad luck she'd have no luck at all. When I finally decided she was right it seemed we struggled less. You're right. Your life does suck.

Why not?

The professor posed the question, Why in 1954 were more people killed by tornadoes in the state of Alabama although there were a greater number of tornadoes in the state of Oklahoma?

Nobody in the class had done the reading but several students took a stab at the answer. None of them were correct.

Supposedly a study had been done and the results were quite interesting. It seemed the most marked difference between those people residing in Alabama and those of Oklahoma were their locus of control.

In Alabama more people were apt to believe that what would happen would happen. Fate. God. Their control was more external than those in Oklahoma who built storm shelters, took precaution and heeded warnings.

Of course I always heard that God helped those who helped themselves.

Who knows? I just know it's Friday and I am so incredibly grateful for this day.

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