Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You wonder what you did wrong. There was something there. It used to be there, right?

Yeah. I may have a vague recollection of something. Phone calls, silliness, when you lived here, when I moved there.

What happened?

um life maybe? Ya' think?

The laughter, was that real? Did you hear that as well?


So we have evidence? Evidence of something existing, something we knew to be?


How could something that once was now not be? Where does it go when it doesn't exist anymore?

It's still there somewhere but life starts layering, one thing on top of another and we grow and we learn and we know the laughter still exists. It's just.          It's just under there. Do you understand?


Sorry you had to see some of the layers covering it. That wasn't cool, I know.

No apologies needed. You're cool. It's just now you owe me.


You owe me by coming here.  Or not. Maybe we can spend the day at a beautiful place and maybe Betsy, Ted and Aunt Sue'll come. Maybe Slater and Shelby will be there. Maybe we'll just sit and listen to good music. Maybe Priscilla will go up front and dance. You know she will. Maybe Eric and Emily'll come. Maybe Kathy. Maybe Kennedy. Maybe Debra. Maybe hat and leave your hat on. Maybe Antonio and every damn day. Maybe Angie and Mike. Maybe Kim and Mark. Maybe Rick, Rusty, Rebecca and the kids. Maybe James. Maybe D. Surely Adam and all his. Ben'll be there. And Gretchen. Of course there is Jessica. Charlie has a new friend, Matt. Mr. Ben and Lisa. Charlie's Mom was there last year. Argo, his wife. Maybe CJ and Rick. I know Willie will have to be there and Little Joe is in the line-up on Saturday. Garry, Connor and Charlie will no doubt do something together. And well this is where Woodstomp belongs. At a festival.                       'Cause we need to prove the laughter still exists.

Little Things

It does.

Then I am grateful.


natbrnk1llr said...

You must be talking about heaven on this one (as far as the meeting place) lol. -CJ

Shea Goff said...

It is a kind of heaven out there at Cedar Hill, CJ. And the music? Well, that's about as close as I've heard to some angels playing harps so come on.

You guys will love it.

natbrnk1llr said...

lol I wish we could I would love to see the dirt brothers again...thanks for the invite tho -CJ