Tuesday, August 9, 2011


There are nights I enter the writing with fear. Always, always I tell myself, You don't have to write. You can skip tonight. It'll be okay.

Wouldn't sleep be nice?

This is when I turn on the music and light the candle. If I have learned nothing else from this process it is that I am ritualistic. Any deviance from said schedule could turn me on my toes.

I have been turned. On my toes. My writing started earlier tonight.

I have a writing schedule I adhere to like my Dad would the tending of the property.

This is how we say what we say, do what we do, work what we work. With diligence.

Extreme. Insane. Incredible diligence.

Put us on a project and we'll go with it. We can do a project. if we fall in love with it. Sorta kinda maybe a little bit how we are. We are that way.

I have a blog.

My Dad has a job.

My Dad does not consider my blog a job.

But it is.

This is my night job.

And I have never ever loved any job more in my life. I lose sleep and time and so much more to tell you all this and I don't even know why but it seems important to me and I think I am insane.

Will gratitude get me out of this one? 'Cause I am grateful.

Post Script, If you came here to see Como Courtyard photos then please go here. I hope you enjoy them.

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