Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Almost it needs to be a medical condition to talk to people in your sleep. Rick would say, Wake up and I would laugh. You go without enough sleep for an inappropriate length of time and you begin to sleep in conversations jotting down notes in order to dream about them later.

Integrity. Failure. Sex. Parenting. Silence. A guy. A girl. Music. Stranger.


Lack of sleep leaves you woozy and dizzy and feeling like a Z. The notes become blurred and you know a good night day weekend is coming so you persevere and you wonder about those you haven't spoken to because you have been on a journey of wonderment where so much seems to come together and fall apart all at once and you smile and hope it won't stop.

Enjoy you think.

The day begins to break into time between coffees, smiles are counted on people's faces, calls are missed and messages taken. Slater says, Mom just don't try to be anything you're not. Be who you are.

Authentic. The last note of the day.



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