Friday, August 26, 2011


It could simply be that some of us are more apt to learn in a void. Silence carries much further than sound and the act of company provides merely a distraction from chatter. When thought leaves where are we left?

Can we ever really know anything? Slater is mad at not the question but that half the class says no. They are in college so if they do not believe in knowledge then why would they pay all that money to obtain something they don't even believe exists. This frustrates him and he paces the question with me at midnight.

What did your teacher say?

He said we are just in college to get better jobs, not to obtain knowledge.

That's knowledge right? The fact that college will get you a better job. Or is that even correct, better than what? And what is better? Why is it better? Is easier better?

I'm just mad. I'm mad that half that class said they didn't believe we could ever really know anything.

Do you think they were just trying to agree with the teacher?

If so then I am angrier that they are in college just to please the teacher.

All I can say, baby, is that my mind has to start somewhere, I slap the concrete of the carport I am sitting on and continue. For me this is a solid. I am comfortable with the fact somewhere along the way this substance became something and I hold on to the idea that it is real. I have to hold onto what is real. I slap the concrete again, For me this is real, solid and I am okay if other people consider it not so.

He stops pacing, points at the concrete and says, Yeah.

Maybe I think therefore I am is an okay philosophical way to look at things. Maybe not. I think we just have to start somewhere so the concrete works for me.

The dialogue continues into the morning and I know more than anything, more than even the concrete I sit on or the earth Slater paces, this feels real and sometimes thinking is nothing without feeling.

Thus, I am grateful for the ability to feel if that is what this is.

Road trip ahead for me. Feel ya' Sunday or Monday.


Angie said...

I think it is just a tactic the teacher is using to get the students to put some effort into their education. It certainly worked with Slater.

Shea Goff said...

Maybe so and certainly.

Hope you had a great weekend!