Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Once again time has left me. I sit on the floor of the back porch and watch as the sky turns from a darkest before dawn to a navy. Closing my eyes I breathe and notice my breath. I hear the crickets for the first time. All that inner chatter had drowned them out until this moment. One bird begins to sing. The west wall shadows move and the slightest breeze becomes the breath outside of me.

I open my eyes to find the sky turned royal, more birds join in and I pick up the camera to show you what this blue is. I need to work on color and am frustrated that you are not going to see it. My lack of skill means you miss this moment.

Oh well. I'll get something else, I think.

I put the camera behind and above me on a table and turn back to the scene. The corner of my eye catches something scurry across the path. Was that a scurry, a hop? A chipmunk, a frog? It stops. Me and the it, we stare at each other. Still I can't quite make out what it can be so I wait not wanting to startle it. Long gone are the days of me chasing anything.

Soon it hops toward me and to the left, a plump frog with a pointy owl like nose. Dad would know the name of this, he would want me to as well. I smile and the frog stares at me. Are you interested? I ask in my softest sweetest most inviting voice. Would you like to have your picture taken?

One more hop and he is within three feet. I turn slowly and reach to get the camera deciding his response will be his answer.

Still he stares so I begin to shoot. Little light and proximity means I have to adjust so I do so as quickly as possible. My movement does not scare him. He seems to wait, and I laugh quietly getting closer and closer with the shot knowing at any moment he could be too startled to stay. Or not. He could make one big leap right onto me as I am now laying on the floor of the porch reaching the camera down till it is right above the tiniest of rocks. I know if he does jump on me I am sure to drop one of my most prized possessions. Still I can't help myself. I take the risk.

I don't get the shot, not the one I want for you. He soon seems to grow bored with my efforts and in the most matter of fact you had your chance way he hops out of sight.

Looking at the pictures I tell myself it is okay, so what I didn't get the perfect shot. Maybe some shots are just here to remind us of a perfect moment.

Who's grateful? Me. I am so grateful.

Thank you for the experience, Kay.

Cue music.


natbrnk1llr said...

I love the picture of the frog but I do have a love for frogs. What do you do with all your pictures. I would love to get a few to sell in a silent auction we are having Friday night. I really think the locals would enjoy your work as much as I do...Smiles -CJ

Shea Goff said...

Drop me an email, CJ. (sheagoff@gmail.com)

Surely we can come up with something.

Smiles back.