Monday, August 22, 2011


I get to work early but only after falling asleep at a red light. It is getting harder to stay awake in those times when others dictate the hours of my productivity. Decisions are being made now for safety purposes, the crib needs bumper pads. I have lost friends in a dense fog.

He smiles, Go home.

I smile, I can't drive.

If I had the money I'd pay somebody, any living breathing body, to drive me that distance in not a limousine, a Ford Pinto rather, a rattle and shake bump and groove. I'd be in the back trying to curl under a baby blanket, resting my head on a pillow without a case. I am good if the driver doesn't turn down the music. Naps will be fought then taken since there is no other way to sleep. I just don't have limousine kinda ideas but am certainly okay that it takes all kinds. It is also certainly okay that people gave up on me 'cause I gave up on them as well. It is a give and take kinda world I think.

He walks in the room with breakfast a smile and a story. And I wake up laughing, eyes wide and dancing. Ah, the dance. Who needs music when you dance?

Later I end the day with a silly hug and an even sillier grin. The drive home is not near as difficult. Once here I tell Slater, We'll have company Wednesday night. I'm cooking fish. I'll cook Wednesday night. Tomorrow night is girls' night, but Wednesday night I promise to cook.

You're cooking for him. You know what you're teaching me right? In order for you to cook I need to act like him.

No. I am cooking for me because once you guys eat I get to watch you discuss anything. Don't worry, I'll be cheering for you. I'm just cooking for the show. Do you need my debit card? Do you need to go buy food? I'm not eating. I'm sleeping.

No, I'll be okay.

I know you will. I believe in your ability to forage.

Not long after I awake in how I remember laying down.

And here we are, you and me. It doesn't make any sense at all but it is what it is and I am eternally grateful.

Weekend movie suggestion: Ira and Abby. Nice. It took me the entire weekend but I certainly enjoyed it.

G'night, my friends.

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