Sunday, August 14, 2011

girlie girl good good good girl

All girls know that one of our favorite parts of first dates is to tell the girls. One of the reasons I love it so much is the advice I get.

Lebowski: Please wear makeup, Shea.
Me: You don't think I am pretty just the way I am, Lebowski?
Lebowski: That's not it. Of course you're pretty. It's just that men like for us to gussy up a bit. Just gussy up.
Me: I promise to bathe.
Lebowski: Laughs.
Me: As well.

And the laughter continues dot dot dot.

'Cilla: You're going where? They don't have a bar there. You're going to need a bar on a first date.
Me: I'm going with it. Trying new things. Maybe I could take a night off, ya' know, from the drinking.
'Cilla: What are you going to order?
Me: I don't know. What am I supposed to order?
'Cilla: Josh says Uncle Herschel's Favorite.
Me: Laughter. That's what I always order.
'Cilla: As well.

What he and I did was be ourselves in the most real FBI investigation you have ever or never encountered. I brought the interrogation lights, waited till he was driving and then put them on high beam and watched him respond to the questioning. He did as well and told me I was taking the Trouble test. I told him I loved tests. Bring it on.

He brought a flower (oh good gosh somebody is courting) and I brought a truthful smile.

He surprised me by taking me to a different place once we met at our agreed upon destination.

He drove safely and laughed at himself.

I let him take control and it felt nice just to give it up for a moment. I don't want to control anyone, kinda like a really good friend once said, I got all I can handle right here. Amen, brother.

Second date in the future?

Yes, I do believe I will sir.

Sunday sounds like some KJP.


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