Thursday, August 11, 2011

footnote on football

Not long now, once we have suffered sufficiently through August and paid the dues that are pieces of our soul, we will confront a Thursday night, a Friday afternoon/evening, all day Saturday to one of the best end of the week seasons of our lives.

College football.

Teams will take the fields. Family and friends will begin to discuss teams. Players are mentioned (of course I am not the fan who already knows everything about everybody. I have to catch up during the season. Rusty is a wealth of information).

We will begin college football season.

Go Hokies.

Now you may wonder why an SEC girl is loving on an ACC team. It is quite scandalous actually. A nasty, nasty story of me falling in love at twenty-seven. Head over heels, crazy. love love love.

I had already stopped watching chic flicks. I didn't believe them anymore unless, of course, Matthew McConaughey was in one. Then I cheated with Matthew< dreamed>

Because of the Hokies.

I have never been to Virginia. I stay away from Atlanta. I don't go to many airports cause of a boy, a team and a love. The sweetest kind of love. I am in a love story.

Some times it is a romantic comedy. Others it is a tragedy.

Go Hokies.

A girl should not love like this yet it is one of the main things that make her a girl. We love with a silly sick heart. You miss him and at the same time you couldn't be happier that he is living his dream. At twenty-eight I didn't know to feel that way so I clung like a freak 'cause I didn't want him to go 'cause I had grown use to his arms around me and you don't get over that easy.

Go Hokies.

I will know what is going on with the Hokies 'cause that is when we write each other. We discuss teams but mainly I like to read when he describes his team.VT. My opinion on football comes from him.

Sometimes football season feels like a loss. I feel like I've already said too much all summer but not this year. I have been doing okay on my own and so has he and I look forward to us meeting in the writing. When you love a man you love him like he lets you love him or that is what I think.

In the year we dated I never said, I love you.

'Cause it scared me. Badly I feared it 'cause to love means oh my gosh you could hurt. Allowing someone to hurt you sucks, let me tell ya'.

Now I tell everyone I love them. I love you.

Go Hokies.

It is also the most beautiful thing you will experience. It is all day and into the evening and night and food and naps and sex and showering together and arms around me. He ruined me in the most beautiful way. He loved so nicely so kindly and he is my excuse to never love like that again, not a man anyway.

I compare everyone to him, kinda like how I compare every man to my Dad.

Go Hokies.

and Dawgs and Black Bears and Elephants and Eagles and Tigers and Gators and Hawgs and all the states and all the colleges and is it too early to write, Go football?

Who's ranked in the top twenty five now? Let's see.

According to the NCAA it is these guys.

Virginia Tech is ranked at number thirteen with seven hundred and sixty seven points. Those look like lucky words to me.`

Alabama, you are coming in at number two. You just smiled. Saban is not Bear but he is pretty damn close. I hate I have to admit that. I liked Shula.

LSU four. You nodded.

Florida State, look at you at number five. Hmm. I'll take it with a tilt of the head.

The Hawgs are right under the Hokies. Okay.

Why is Auburn at nineteen? Is it 'cause Cam left, who will be there to replace him?

State, a solid twenty. Good number.

Alright Black Bears?, or no, true Ole Miss fans still say Rebels. That was a flop.

Look at Spurrier at twelve. I love him. I love to watch him coach.

Florida at twenty three. They will surprise us. Look at me making predictions.

Texas, Boise State, I'll be watching.

Notre Dame. Okay, I get it. Rudy was a very good movie and the Irish seem like a tough lot.

I gotta find out about new players, new strategies.

Does anyone here remember the year when Northwestern came out from nowhere? I hope there is another team like that this year.

I can tell you right now that Beamer is thinking and I love it when he thinks. Go special teams.

Sixth date question is very important.

Go Hokies.


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