Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Charlie turns and says to me, How many people do you know read your blog every day?

I think about it for a second. Everyday is huge, the whole day in and day out kinda thing. So I think about it a second more. And one more and then answer, Mom and Rick.

He nods and smiles.

I tell him that if they didn't they would fail the daily pop quiz of, Did you read the writing? Is it okay? whadja think?

He nods and smiles again.

You have to see this baby's smile. You can, live, a real living human that is this <                                                         > good this Friday night at The Fillin' Station in Southaven, MS. Woodstomp, my favorite band in the whole wide world, will be playing something called North Mississippi Hill Country Blues.

At 9:00pm.

And they are that good. I promise. You will love it.

More photos to come. I promise.



Shelby said...

Hey, I read it everyday too! Mostly......

Shea Goff said...

Oh Shelby, thank you sweetness. If you weren't moving into college this weekend I'd buy you a sweet tea at the Woodstomp show to make up for my neglect. (Go Dawgs)

Anonymous said...

ummm, you have a daily reader in Alabama, too.

Shelby said...

Haha, thank you Ms. Shea. :)

Shea Goff said...

oh my Alabama reader, there is just something so special about that next state over. you. thank you.