Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There is no question in regards to the lack of the appeal. Someone, more than one someones, have suggested I not connect my photographs and my writing. I do definitely see their point. It's just that I have this silly silly point.

Silly point.

So cliche, common speak you could say, to suggest we be exactly who we are at all times. Each part of us makes a whole and having pieces scattered can be quite disconcerting.  For me, I guess, the writing can't be without the photography and the photography can't be without the writing. They can't be separated, together they are all of me or as much as I allow the world to see which, I guess, is all of me.

And sometimes I am not so appealing.

My speak may falter from the one in which we have been taught.

The subject matter can get quite scandalous.

I question everything and more times than not those questions come here.

I have little decorum and refuse to apologize to anything less or more.

I am no swimsuit model.

The whole perspective is just ugly at times.

and so on and so forth.

Where it got interesting only a few years back was when I started saying , it's okay. It is absolutely fine to be exactly who you are no matter how ugly the world may say you are at times. The love that you need is within yourself so stop looking outside for it.

This is selfish.

A love and respect for what you think you do.

A laugh at the voice inside who says, who gives a fuck?

Well I guess I do.

And after forty one years of being on this Earth I begin to say, You are loved with everyone of those thoughts. You are loved.

You are loved.

Crazy huh?

Crazy with gratitude.

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