Thursday, August 11, 2011


He chuckles, I knew you would come around. If that is a line then it is one of my favorites. So is, I hope I never see you again.

I chuckle back.This sounds confident and this is a man I would like to have dinner with in a nice place at a table next to a window. At night, an interesting food I can't get in the area or wait, maybe the Como Steakhouse. If there were a restaurant home away from home then it would be there in that small town of the night, back in the dark bar area where smoking is allowed.

He and I are saying what we need to say.

Me: I am interested.
Him: I'll take you up on that.

Dinner. restaurant, dim where lighting loses but conversations happen. I think I need a new conversation. I am getting tired of my own voice incessantly in my own ear some tragic tragic love story. I want to see the world through this guy's eyes if only for a moment.

Me: I was just calling to say I'd like to have dinner sometime.
Him: You buying?
Me: Oh good gosh.
Him: Laughs.
Me: As well.
Him: Let's do it. When? Where are we going?
Me: I don't know. You tell me.
Him: Maybe Saturday night if I don't have to work. I'll find out.
Me: It doesn't matter, just know I'm up for it.

He likes to fish and takes vacations dropped off in wildernesses with very little and feed himself.

This sounds good.


You know Kim and Angie both got fishing men. Mark and Mike, Kim and Angie, they all fish. Isn't fishing kinda like meditation and if you're not alone aren't you usually going with a friend? Yes, you are.

Meditation with a friend. Huh.

Will I like fishing? I did as a kid where two stocked ponds were the norm.  Bait your hook, throw it in and wait for the fish to bite which took about a minute if that. There wasn't much patience to the whole process and that could do a girl wrong. If she learns not to have patience.

Fishing. It might be something I need to learn again just different this time. We'll see.

Early in the fist episodes Don in his sliest most beautiful way, a kinda smirk maybe beautiful anyway, What do women want? Women want what gets them closer to a man.

Quite sexist maybe but true still. So I must wonder why I am not interested in a writer or a photographer. Maybe all we have to do is understand we have something individually of ourselves, whatever we obsess about is what we obsess about and it must be okay for us as individuals to do so.


I wonder if he ever thinks about college football.

This is when Charlie says, Shea. Don't overthink it.

Smiling gratitude.

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