Wednesday, August 17, 2011


My Mom said if a man cheated you had a limited number of options. You could tell him you know and forgive him and be assured he will cheat again 'cause it's alright with you (how much is that piece of you worth). You can ignore it and hope it gets better with time (how much is your silence worth and is there ever really any silence). Or you can walk away.

Now walking away is not exactly smiled upon in many societies. We are encouraged to tough it out, no pain no gain, all good things come to those who wait and didn't fish in stocked ponds. There are tax incentives, people.  I don't know if  you have noticed as I have noticed but this world is quite stocked with people of our own age who said I had a dream and I don't give up on dreams.

In these dreams there were characters and there were certain traits of these characters which mattered to us. It could have been the other person had a fun loving attitude, a great sense of humor, an intelligence and a passion for life. It could be that when we looked them in the eyes they told us the truth. It could be so much more or less. Quite personal a decision obviously.

So what is your deal breaker? Is it the truth and when someone finally breaks down with the truth after the most extreme waterboarding you could do as a Miller girl raised in trees and a warm home and dogs and creeks and covers and pillows you look at them and walk away? 'Cause you can't stand to look at them anymore, not like that? The truth was what was important.

Walk away. Surgically methodically walk away.

And you'll find it's okay because the person you are living with is yourself and you vow to tell yourself the truth.

I am not sad. I am grateful. ~ Betty Draper (Mad Men, Season 2, Episode 3 The Benefactor)

Deal breaking gratitude with a twist of forgiveness.

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Johnny Boy said...

Ok I lied about that whole last comment thing...but this was just too good to pass up. How do you deal with walking away from the best thing in your life even when they're toxic for you? How do you make yourself just up and leave when they are the only thing that you look forward to every day, when you wake up just to hear their voice, when every smile they give you melts your heart to the point of blissful tears? But you know that they're bad for you, that you shouldn't want them, that eventually they are going to be gone and you will be left alone. It's extremely easy to say "You're no good for me. I never want to see you again." but it's quite another to go to sleep alone without their arms around you, in the silence without the soft sound of their breath while they do you get past that? Sorry again for commenting...again. lol