Saturday, August 6, 2011


I love this part. The climbing part when you are somewhere on the wall. You can't see the mountain, just the rocks in front of you. Your foot catches a crease and you nudge it to open. Only when it seems just right do you have the faith to put your weight on that foot and attempt to catch a rock above.

Figures. Why are you so attracted to tortured souls?

I don't know. Maybe because I am tortured. Weren't you tortured when I met you? Aren't you still a bit? Isn't everyone at least a little bit tortured?


When you move so close to the mountain your moves cause ripples in the mountain. Small pebbles, young formations begin to bounce down as you climb up. You turn your face, lose your focus but only for a moment 'cause with survival something else seems to kick in. Fight or flight, climb or fall. You and me, we are choosing to climb, although at times I would like to set up shop between those two branches coming out of the rock to the right. Everybody needs rest and I get so comfortable.

It's just you need to work on that.

Yeah I think maybe you're right. I think there are probably a billion things we all need to work on.


There is stretching and ache.Your body is defined by every part it takes to reach. Your fingernails feel as if they may fall off but the tips of your fingers will be there for your survival. You just know it so you lift, straighten your knee, shave the surface with your torso. Pebbles fall and you ascend.

I sent you something.

Yes, I saw it. I loved it. Thank you.

I'll send you something else.

Okay. Just know I'll watch it at my own pace, right? I am not as fast as you. I have to be real thoughtful about what I do.

I know. Just whenever.

Okay. Thank you. I love you.

I love you too.


One time I got to the top or thought I had. It was still me there but there was someone else there as well. He taught me how to write and sometimes I miss being at the top and then wonder if I ever really was.


Tonight I will set up shop here with friends. Photos are sure to come.

I think I'll take this guy with me.

I am so very. So very grateful.

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