Saturday, August 13, 2011


This morning a man plays a mouth harp and I remember how tired I was yesterday when I got home. It was Friday night but cuddling up on the couch with Billy Sue was not an option. I had to go see Woodstomp. Priscilla called and gave me the extra bump. She said she wished she wasn't four hours away. She and Josh would be there. How could I not go? I was only thirty minutes away. Priscilla, like me, has witnessed what these boys do to a room.

Thank you, Priscilla, for reminding me. I wish you could have been there.

There was this moment when the boys were playing that a gust of wind came through the open windows and we all looked outside as the music and wind and friends seemed to blend and I felt connected and smiled. We all smiled. A storm was brewing and the boys were playing the blues.

If only you could have been there.

Hand Talker

Then the electricity went out. Charlie's Dad had already left but I wish he could have been there to hear the drum solo that boy played when it all got dark. He let loose and Connor picked up a stick. The crowd stayed put and when he finished it was the greatest applause of the night. I felt like a proud mama which is silly 'cause I am not kin to that kid. Yet he does feel like he is part of some kind of family.


The first time I ever met Charlie he was playing acoustic guitar in my backyard. He was sixteen years old and had just found out he got a job at Fred's Dollar Store. I told him to come to my place, work for just an afternoon and see what he thought. Hindsight says he might should have taken that Fred's job but no, I needed Charlie. He was the first person, a child in the form of a teenager, who ever taught me to believe in myself.

Charlie, how do you ever expect anyone to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself? I asked.

He smiled, Exactly.

If you weren't there you missed an excellent show.

Don't worry, the Love Music Festival will be here before we know it and I think Woodstomp may be headlining. Pack your bags, Priscilla and Josh, we'll make a day of it.

Surely I'll have an external flash by then. Ryan is a genius.

Loving with gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Oh Shea, I so wish I could have been there mentally. I could have found a way to be there physically, but my mental status was not good. I am so glad you had a good time, and so glad you shared your experience through your writing. I feel in a way that I was there. That is what a great writer can do!

Shea Goff said...

There were maybe, possibly at least a couple of people there interested in the celebrity sighting of you. But it's okay and you're alright 'cause you needed to take care of yourself. Plus, there will be other shows.

Also, Slater started experimenting with the camera which means he already knows more than me. I think that boy may teach us, Ang.