Sunday, July 24, 2011


My best friend gave me the best gift.

I had a long conversation with a beautiful couple.

Confronted with vulnerability not so far ago I lost the gift of speech. In the minute of mute I could not form a word. Hindsight wonders was it due to containment or was my brain too tired to speak. Even the hamster on the wheel needs to get off every now and then.

He who tells me says, I think this is when you are supposed to calm me.

I open my mouth, form the shape for the word but no sound comes.

I gotta get outta here. I am going to blow, he gives up waiting.

Then the gift returns, Bye.

I cancel plans and the night becomes mine. I shouldn't claim it so selfishly, I know, but the lack of sound earlier validated my choice. Gave me reason, purpose.



Phone calls filled with laughter.

Grand announcements from friends in far away places which I used to call home. And still do.


More laughter.

Today I am grateful for time and the ability to form words.

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