Thursday, July 21, 2011

family tale

The girl who loved stories heard the best story she had ever heard. A tale of tall victories spoken in small whispers smiled with a tilted head. He spoke fairy tales with no inflection. Sure, a gleam, a glint, a sparkle and shine witnessed in the correct light. She was here he was there knowing both places had their own appeal. This one is this way he explained as the melody of the upturn played in the beat. Air in the form of Vedder's anthem filled the space in between. She caught it, inhaled one way exhaled another. It was Hansel and Gretel make their escape,  a yellow brick road home, the sleeping princess woke up, the shoe fit and we were there. She felt desperate. He seemed calm.  Huge leaps for her were small paced steps for him. Just clean her room was plan the next six months of his life. She joked he was switched at birth and how that other sweet child, her biological spawn must be homeless and broke, poor baby. She did feel sorry for him and would hold him if she could but was so glad she got the other one. She loved they put him in her arms that really scary day in darkness he came and never not once complained of the morning light.

You are family and sometimes just that fact keeps me holding on to the sun.

Gratitude, I remembered. Thank you for the sweet note.

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