Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Remember the cabin, the river beneath it. Remember the pier we'd sit on.. I want to go back there tonight. Not selfishly forever, just tonight. I want to feel the wind. I want to hear the water. I want to need a fire to stay warm,  to be in a blanket with you. I dare myself to not enjoy every moment of that. Just tonight.

Just tonight I want to take a drive with the windows down. A curvy back road, music and headlights and the rush of air. Simple it seems but still we have made it complicated.

I want to feel music with you.

I want to come home and cry in your chest. I want to mutter I've had enough. I know, you would say. Later I'd just get over the day by falling asleep and you, you could do whatever you liked just as long as I didn't have to make a decision. Please don't make me make a decision.

I want the house to be small and the porch to be fitted with a swing and old box fan. Chulahoma coming from a radio through a cracked window. I want to swing.

Today I just want to feel and am glad I can with you here.

Thank you.

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