Tuesday, July 12, 2011

deal breaker

I tell him, You'll always find what you're looking for.

Then we fight.

So I wonder if I was looking for a fight.

Maybe so, probably, okay most certainly but why. I must think I don't deserve him. I must be getting serious and fearful all at the same time which then leads to considering deal breakers. Deal breakers lead to harsh words and harsh words lead to the deal being broken. A pretty natural process it seems, deconstruction of a relationship.

We have been here before, we know the trail and yes, it can be dark or we could find more light. This is learning or not. It is whatever we choose it to be. I think that is the ticket, the choice and the benefit of being single. You always have a choice.

When I left the counselor's office 'cause on the third visit he couldn't show up the gentleman in the suit said, Shea.

My hand remained on the knob of the door but I turned around and said, Yes.

Is the business gonna make it?

If we want it to, Brent. I think that's when I knew, when I knew I didn't want it to.

Now I am more careful or fearful.

In movie news I watched The War of the Roses again after a long, long time.

For you, vacation photos.

For us, a game changer.


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