Wednesday, July 13, 2011


C is quite a card, a good character in any play. He lives his life to tell stories of happenings gone wrong. He jumped a fire once on a dare. Made it the first time but fell flat in when the guys he was with told him the first time didn't count. This scared me and intrigued me about him at the same time. Crazy boy.

He spent time in jail, the county one. It musta been a year or so but made easy for the fact he became the judge's boy, one who fetched this and got that. He was quite good at doing what the man said. White boys can be slaves too. In fact, we all can be to whatever we would like. C was a slave to wanting to get outta jail and he succeeded. He smiles when he tells the stories.

There was this one time when he got so drunk on beer and liquor and taking some kinda prescription relaxer that he decided he would redo the house. The wife and kids were gone to church service and the mingling afterwards when he thought it a good idea to take out a wall he'd been meaning to. Took out an entire wall with a sledgehammer. In the process he got electrocuted while standing in the water from the burst pipe and ended up several feet back, his face facing the ceiling when he woke up. Woke up in a dark house with water spraying all over the living room floor. He fixed it but not before realizing he had taken out the wrong wall.

He grew up with a Daddy who was a preacher in the Pentecostal Church and camp was an orgy. I had never heard such in my life of the goings on and won't say his views represent all who take such a leap of faith. There was just much more sex in C's religion than I had ever seen or even thought at Mont Rose Baptist. Hell, we only had a Baptist and a Methodist church in town, and I had never even heard of a Pentecostal until I got all grown up. I think C was my first.

We had a good relationship 'cause I liked stories so at breaktime and lunchtime I would linger and say, What's going on, C?

Aw me and Ricky done went off and got too drunk last night. Did I ever tell you 'bout the time I had set it up where one of Ricky's old girlfriends would call him and tell him he done got the AIDS?

What? No. Please tell me, I would begThat story would last an entire week, one all my coworkers and I still bring up at times. You know, one of those stories.

He laughed, Scared him to death. It was funny as hell. I told her to call him, tell him she had been tested and was positive so she was just letting everyone she had slept with know.

No way. She called him? Oh C, what did he do?

He laughed just thinking about it, He called me wanting to know what he should do and I told him he better go get tested 'cause if he had it he was going to need to tell his wife.

I sat attentive, all leaned in, egging him on, No C. Tell  me you didn't.

I sure did. That was a year ago. He still don't know I put her up to it. He's more careful now though, a changed man you could say.

One of those things making ya' start to live your life right, huh?

Yeah I guess you could say that.


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