Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bedtime story

I think this is the first time in my life where I have considered being solely where I am at. I know a guy, a kid/young man/man, ohmygoshman, he's a real guy. He is a college student, an employee, brilliant and beautiful, and I think how did that happen. How did he get all grown up? How did it turn out that I could love that much? Who knew I had that type of capacity for love? What happened in me that said I trust him to be the person his soul calls him to be, whoever that is. I will love him just the same. I am grateful.

I have people in my tribe, you have people in yours. They never put us at risk. Mine give me exactly what I need, yours do too. Maybe we don't get everything we want but we get exactly what we need and we give them that as well. A novel respect. You and me, we are so lucky to be where we are right now. This is a cool place.

Sure, it's not perfect. Floors could be cleaner, dishes washed. We could spend all day doing everything that ever needed to be done as long as we don't forget to do some things. I think this is happy or content or okay or whatever you need to be in right now. Maybe one day we should all do this.

Tell a stranger, hi. and mean it.

Send someone a song.



Mark something off a list.

One small smile.

A wink.

A laugh (at yourself preferably).

One moment where you tell yourself not to worry.

Quick glance at nature, name a tree a blade of grass.

A phone call or visit with at least someone you love.

There's more, right? What else is there?

You know.

Come on now.

You can do it.

Gratitude. Breathe, we can be grateful for our breath. Now go to sleep. Lights out.

I love you, Slater.

A sparsely populated outdoor concert on a cool night by a lake. There is a fire on the bank to the left, the stage is to the right. We all brought food. Some people are standing up dancing, some are exploring the grounds, but all of us, we're definitely having a good time. Dream.

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