Thursday, June 9, 2011

title is grunting noise followed by I love you with a quick hang up afterwards

I don't know how to tell you this but see it's kinda like when you talk I don't hear what you say just what I think you mean and sometimes what I think you mean is that I am not good enough. You're not even saying that, I know, I know but it feels like it sometimes because I am hearing through my ears and your albeit slight (what right now seems like an understatement) use of what could be considered constructive criticism of an identity I have based the last twenty fucking years of my life on is ummmm, well,

it's just that one thing that


was the most important thing I had to do.

And yes, I fucked up in a no doubt about it situation and yes, at that moment




But your love.

And I am eternally, forever, it is the one thing I will commit to forever, grateful.

So the conversation we had tonight, it can be dismissed.

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