Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I would like to fall asleep with my head in your lap while you are telling me a story. My dreams would follow the plot, and I would see you, float above you in the ether as you played out your next little escapade. Your next social experiment, a point you have to prove in costume. You are boy building dams just to control the water so I wait for a hard rain and smile in the knowledge you will have to give it all up. Raise your hands in complete frustration, fists clinched wanting a sword.

And then you would feel the rain.

The downpour.

I have seen your eyes light up when the skies grow dark.

I have seen the first drops touch your face.

You opened your mouth to drink it all in.

And then you screamed.

The rain came harder, huge baptismal drops.

What a beautiful smile you have. What a transforming laugh.

I look down at the dams. They have washed away.

It is here I know you.



natbrnk1llr said...

Love the transitions in this one. Well done my talented friend. -CJ

Shea Goff said...

Funny. I would've gotten creamed from a former teacher for the verb usage in this one so I appreciate your comment all that much more.

Thank you, CJ. Peace out, my friend.

natbrnk1llr said...

lol well the formal english not so much my strong suit anyway. Just the way the emotions transpired. -CJ