Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I thought to prepare questions but then considered otherwise, grabbed a sketchbook, headed out the door and up the road. Just leaving was like jumping out of an airplane. It was Saturday, the kind of day we cook, watch movies, nap and any other darn thing we want to do. Yet here I was leaving my oh so comfortable abode, the confirmed introvert venturing out into another's home. Her Saturday like my Saturday could be sacred but she said it was okay, seemed excited about the prospect and what the hell, I thought, just jump.

My only goal was not to get in her way, not preconceive. I wanted to not conduct an interview. I told myself to allow, to be a photographer without the use of a camera. The only way to tell her story was to be a conduit from her to me to you without so much me. This is complicated since I was sitting there. I will write the story from my perspective. You will read it from yours.

It was the first interview in a series of I don't know how many interviews. The upcoming weekend will include a photo shoot as well. You and me, we'll see what happens. So far my perspective is of interest, respect and admiration. I hope to do her the justice she deserves.

Plus, it could be a reason for you to stick around. You never know what may happen around here.


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