Thursday, June 23, 2011

making peace with Wyatt

It was Sunday afternoon, late for me. Josh and I drove to town and back. In the time we were gone Jesse and Madalyn had arrived and Jesse was in the pool. My camera bag was on my shoulder 'cause if I'm doing right in the world it's there as much as my purse.

A huge red carpet announcement came running out of the pool, Uncle Josh! Aunt Shea!

Jesse! I shouted like we hadn't seen each other in years although we had dinner together last night. That's what she does. She makes you feel like she is an old friend you've been missing. She is the big bang theory. At any moment she will burst into a sun. And she wants us in the pool.

She jumps back in the water and Josh sprays her right in the middle of the chest with a water hose. Uncle Josh! Stop it! He laughs, stops and goes to the fridge. I get my camera out and sit next to the pool. No Jesse, you can't spray me with the water hose. No Jesse, you can't splash me. I have this camera and it costs too much to ruin.

Ya' gonna take pictures?

Yes and then I'll put them on the internet, my favorite ones, and then Grammie will show them to you. How's that?

Okay. She smiles at the thought.

I love her 'cause this is when she starts her model routine.

Get me doing this, Aunt Shea. Did you know I could walk on my hands?

No, Jesse. Do it.

How 'bout this?

Do it.                                Oh my gosh.

Get me doing this.


This is Aunt Shea Jesse time. Tonight she was at Uncle Josh and Aunt Pris's place playing Mario so I have to take advantage of Aunt Shea Jesse time because it is rare and Uncle Josh and Aunt Pris totally rock. Yes they do.

Soon Jason,

Jesse's Dad/my brother, shows up with Wyatt, Jesse's big brother. Before long Wyatt is in the pool eating cold watermelon. Doesn't that sound like a naughty luxury? Something you're not supposed to do but get to do due to it being a special occasion. Every day is like that at Pop and Grammie's house. For me anyway. And Jesse. And Wyatt.

The sun is beating down and heating up like it is August. There is a splinter in the bottom of my foot and the sides of the pool let me know it's there. Here I am, it says. Nonetheless I am moving around with the camera always aware of where I am in relation to the water because I have two little (no big) brothers who if I didn't have a camera would be pushing (no, throwing) me in the pool. The camera not only takes pictures, it protects.

I'm shooting like crazy, two hundred pictures in just a couple of hours.

There is a problem though. Someone there doesn't want me taking pictures. It could be two people but Dad puts up with it and I guess you could say Wyatt does too, although he shouldn't have to.

He doesn't want the attention of the big lens which looks like a monster so when I try to get a shot of him it has to be good the first time and then I have to let him be. There is also a part of me who says that Wyatt may not want his picture on the internet so tonight the photograph I send out to Wyatt is not a picture of him or maybe it is. Maybe this is Wyatt at sixty something.

Mom, you'll get your pictures from somewhere other than the internet. The next time I come I'll bring prints of my favorites of both him and Jesse. Wyatt and I, we are making peace with pictures.

Do you ever wish your Dad stayed the age he was five years ago? Did you ever wake up one day and tell God, Okay God, Dad is finished growing. You can keep him where he is right now. That is what I did on Father's Day.

I need some music here. How 'bout you? Second time around for this one 'cause that's how much I like (no, love) it.



Shelby said...

I like it

Shea Goff said...

me too, sweet Shelby. thank you.

Shelby said...

You're welcome