Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There was no reason to rush home. The sun was just before setting and the warm push of air through the open window felt free and good and as much as any twelve year old girl could want. Now it reminds me of the time Slater rode the bus in second grade. It didn't last long, but that first day he was grinning saying how it felt good to get on that bus and make it to school on his own. Funny how independence can be derived with a driver and twenty other passengers. On Mont Rose Road it was just me. Well, me and the motorcycle in front of me.

The motorcycle in front of me was going slow and being driven by the most stereotypical guy you could picture in your mind. Long hair pulled in a ponytail just below the base of his helmet, tattoos of skulls, patches of secrets on black leather and the requisite bitch on back. It was as if he was taunting me and I tried to wait hoping he would turn off, pull over, anything but slow me down and that's when it happened.

Jump by Van Halen came on the radio.

It was the perfect storm. A thin curvy road without the instructive lines, a young girl with more dreams than sense, a big scary man taunting her, the warm rush of air through an open window and the clincher, Jump by Van Halen blaring from the speakers.

Since nobody, and especially not me, has enough control to stop themselves in a situation such as that I punched it. Punched the gas pedal, placed the car on what seemed to be the other side of the road and attempted my first passing maneuver. Someone should have warned Hell's Angel dude in front of me so he could've gotten out of the way before I tapped his motorcycle.

And this is when all those important value based critical decision making skills come into play, the momentary what kind of person are you. Do you stop and check on your victims or do you take off like a bat outta hell? I was coming from church but David Lee Roth was telling me to Jump which I thought meant drive faster and get away from the potentially very angry tattooed crazy motorcycle guy.

Hit and run, people. What is the statue of limitations on that crime? Are there any?

Don't worry. There is more to the story. There was no way I was getting off that easy.

To be continued.



Angie said...

Who would have ever known?

Shea Goff said...

Great question.