Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think I keep looking for a reprieve as if the week has been some long prison sentence, a conjugal visit without the conjugal. Tonight is it and the best thing I know I can do is enjoy it.

Yesterday was a thirteen hour workday labor intensive to the point that when I stepped out of bed at 11pm it was hard to walk to the bathroom so I did the Tim Conway shuffle. I only said Owww once and Billy Sue never flinched. I think if someone else had been here I would have complained to the point they would have finally resorted to asking me to take medication but by myself it felt useless to complain so I just began moving, working it out 'cause I don't want to miss out on my favorite time.

It is dark and the bird chatter which makes Mississippi sound like a rain forest has ceased. Billy Sue and I sit outside and she raises her ears to the occasional cricket. She may not know but I do that we have a moment before the mosquitoes begin their invasion. The wasps are asleep and the warm stillness is cut periodically by a cool breeze. OH. MY. GOSH. This is it. I have been alive long enough to know these moments are vital, important to the well being of any Southerner. Spring is our reprieve and no amount of long days or aches are going to make me miss this.

I feel complete gratitude.

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