Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mark & Patrick

The dinner was a collaborative effort. There was a certain amount of cooperation amongst all parties to meet at a particular time in a certain place. I think now, looking back, we forgot to toast or make note of the moment, the effort. I enjoy the clinking of glass, the smiles and nods exchanged with my favorite exclamation being I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Yes, I do believe that I am getting too old for that statement but sometimes it rings as close to the truth as I can get at the time.

We are there for Mark who has been ignited by a cause. Something has spoken to him like nothing has before and in order for his one voice to be effective he acknowledges the need of others. We at this table right now are his others. I have done the prerequisite reading, taken a gander at the facebook page and am here to voice my concerns if for no other reason so that I can selfishly take in the beauty of someone else's passion. He needs to sell me on his point.

But, Mark, seriously with all the causes out there, with the current state of our economy, with the absolute ineptitude we see around us you believe our energies should be directed toward a law which is not even yet a bill to protect animals? I mean, aren't we trafficking humans in this world, shouldn't we be walking a 5K for a cure, isn't there a kid with a last wish, what about the lack of prenatal care for women around the world, did you see that girl missing in Tennessee, shouldn't we be combing the woods? How many wars are we fighting right now? Frontal lobotomy or no, bottle in front of me like that will help anything.

He understands what I am saying but he wants to let me know that laws created to punish individuals who are cruel to animals do work. They have made a difference in his home state of Indiana, and my home state of Mississippi, well, we suck at protecting our pets from people who actively and continually cause them harm. Now, more than ever, he believes we have a voice made more powerful than just where we spend our money. It is called social media, and although I do still believe that grassroots efforts as small as adopting a rescued animal, volunteering at a shelter or simply teaching our children the importance of proper care, I also am buying into Mark's notion that collectively we are stronger, more powerful as we study the laws in our own states, write to our representatives and become a collaborative effort to make sensible changes with which we would all agree.

Damn you, Mark, you made me put down the drink.

Here we go.

You can find the story about Patrick, the source of Mark's inspiration, here.

You can join others in a collective voice by simply liking a facebook page here.

You can see how your state ranks in Animal Protection Laws here.

You can let your state's representative know how you feel by contacting them here.

You can talk to your friends about this. You can blog about it. Maybe Mark is right. Maybe every once in a while we have to give up giving up and make a stand on any or all causes which speak to our hearts even if it means our partner, Kim, is going down. Sorry, reader, inside joke I had to say 'cause I knew it would make her smile.

What now?

Gratitude, of course.

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