Friday, April 1, 2011


The shadows reveal what could be otherwise left unnoticed. Blocked patterns of space refusing light. I consider the chair, the light above it and the darkness drawn out just beneath it and how challenging it is in photography to get the right setting for just the right light and how when I see it I know it but anything less or more is disappointing.

This is why I have to work harder at it, study more. I am disappointing myself.

The week contained the first writer's block in many, many months and a blinking tortuous cursor can drive a woman mad or to the point where she decides something has to give. The past few years found me letting go and giving up to the point I had begun to wonder what remained until there it was. Disappointment was lingering in the shadows avoiding the light at all costs when finally one day I sat still and saw it juxtaposed by pride under a dulling light of expectation.

He speaks of a budding spring and I say, I hadn't noticed.

Times like these, I think, call for progress.


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