Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If April showers do bring May flowers then Mississippi should be blanketed with colors and scents and the buzz of bees come next month. I hope we take advantage of it. I hope we pick them and give them to each other as if we all of a sudden notice the land has become some huge charity and we are overwhelmed with how naturally we are given every day and we lose our breath from the feeling generated in the simple act of giving. I hope we give so many flowers to each other that the vase industry has to move to our state and give us jobs because all our Mason jars are full of flowers. I hope the sweet shrub becomes more powerful than it's ever been and the aroma of long Sunday afternoon hikes becomes addictive. I hope we sit on large, fallen trees next to creeks in our forests and tell stories and laugh. I hope we walk the creek together, our feet sinking in the mud below. I hope we explore new territory with new friends and save some of our favorite trails for late afternoon walks with our old ones. I hope we build at least one campfire. I hope one night we lay on a pier, you on your back looking at the stars, me shining a light on the water below. I hope we say one thing we've never said before. I hope we hear the thunder in the distance and are overtaken by the rain before we are able to run inside. I hope the storm reminds us of how alive we are.


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