Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The other one has planted mines, little traps to trip the one. A strange enemy was made, the deep cover of one's skin. The other one would like to linger, put forth as little as possible. The one, although tempted, wants to believe in something more and questions the big answers.

The debate begins. ensues.

Both the one and the other one are skilled, quite the loving adversaries. They are friends or at least the one thinks they are so the battle is lost by the one who gives up in the name of love. The other one never accepts a medal or raises the arms in victory for it would be too telling.

The one thinking there are no enemies does not truly battle. The other one smiles at the ease, looks out a window. Slowly without any obvious deliberation the one completes a task at hand, a small trivial wash of a dish, the paying of a bill, a reading promised, a problem solved, a writing done.

The other one turns from the window and notices the progress. Hesitates at the beauty of the efforts, reaches for a hand, whispers in the ear and once again the battle which is never a battle only a conversation between the one and the other one begins. ensues.

Until the other one wins. Or the one.

Maybe it is all still undone.


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