Sunday, March 27, 2011


I bury my head in his chest, feel his arms wrap around me. The music plays in the other room. I feel safe and warm and open. A single candle burns and I pull away just enough to breathe and whisper the lyrics. I love it when you sing, he says.

We are a tangled mess but call this the zone, a place of trust and intimacy and we are old enough to know how precious and sometimes fleeting these moments are so we hold into them and their soft focus images until they are gone again. I always wondered why people fought evolution when it was so evident around us. There will be change, we all evolve in our own ways.

Tonight there is this and this is what will hold us as we become more and less. This and the inside jokes, the language we've developed as some secret code, the knowing glances, a half smile then a whole, the funny little noises, the way his arms wrap around me and he pulls me into him. In those moments I never fear telling him how much he means to me. I don't have to tell him. He knows. He feels it.


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