Friday, March 4, 2011


Seth said we would be back at the car at noon, early afternoon at the latest. My last dig was, We've got another night. I just want it to be stated that I am willing to stay another night. Truth be known I was missing indoor plumbing and looking forward to a nice, long bath. After an initial shower obviously.

We snacked, packed, filled water bottles and cleaned like we were hiking experts. As the sun was rising we crossed the creek and soon lost the water again. The path had put us right center of an incline. It took muscles, both brain and body, to remain balanced while continuing to step over fallen trees, duck under limbs, maneuver around large holes and keep an eye out for snakes.

Soon we were facing a couple of hikers, another father son team. They had spent the entire night in the trees after losing the trail. The Dad had brought an ax, and they had cut their way through several places. They were so excited to see someone, and we gave them directions to the fall. We were offered the ax but none of us wanted one ounce of extra weight.

The mood was light, and Seth had us convinced he knew what he was doing.

To be continued.....

Sweet Friday music.


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