Thursday, February 3, 2011


I had a visitor last night. A tall, handsome man with sharp eyes and tongue. He came in a fast car and wore a long coat. Billy Sue attacked and I encouraged her but within moments he knelt and asked her to come. She's too easy. She went straight to him.

Having a visitor proved to be more of an experience than I thought. I know how to tidy up a bit, to prepare a meal, to include activities which may interest my guest. Yet I didn't expect all the advice headed my way.

Don't shave your legs, it'll keep you from having sex.
And I thought, if I really wanted to have sex then no amount of stubble would hold me back.

Don't have sex, it'll make you easy.
And I thought, but what does it make him?

Put on some make-up, wear something nice. Go glam up.
And I actually stood in front of the person and asked, but don't I look okay already?

Then the last two pieces of advice.

Don't overthink it, Shea.
I won't, sweet Charlie.

You are fabulous just the way you are, do whatever you wanna do.
I will, Kim.

And it was nice. Beautiful in fact to share a meal and a stimulating conversation with a brilliant man who is not afraid of who he is and is more than willing to tell you.

Thank you, Adam. I look forward to hearing and reading more.

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