Saturday, February 5, 2011


The subject was the same yet the content was different. I think that's what I wanted. Different, a new perspective. It was refreshing not to hear the same recording played over and over again, not to be able to guess the next word. The initial dissection is always my favorite part.

But then what?

Then, I guess, is where we're taught, where we begin to see the mirror, start the recording, guess the next word correctly. It is when the work begins and the fun seems to end and I fancy a change 'cause if I'm working all these hours at other things I don't want to be working at that.

But that's the most important thing, he would say.

I knew you would say that, I'd respond. But why is it such work? Why can't we have fun? Why can't this be easy, just this?

Final Howling by Josh Miller

Obviously going through another Jack phase in my life right now since the ocean is only five weeks away.

Yes, yes. Always and forever, still gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Let the fun begin!
What once was old
Can become new again
Easy, easy, easy
That is the way
We are learning that
Every single day
No more sad and blue
Only light and love
For me and wonderful you

Shea Goff said...

Well, well, well, anonymous poet. I must always favor poems which describe me as wonderful even when the eyebrow is raised in doubt.

Thank you.