Saturday, January 22, 2011


You who have sent me your gratitude, well, I didn't know what that would do to me. I guess I thought it would be nice to read but it was really all about being able to give you something for coming here to this space, for sticking with me on this. I didn't realize how it would ground me to read your emails, to see your love for what you have in your life. All that pacing, worrying I do, it slowed a bit, became a waltz of sorts.

It has been beautiful.

Thank you.

And for those of you who still want to get in on the drawing you have until 5pm today. I wish we didn't even have to draw names, that we could give this and this away to anyone who expressed appreciation for those things in their lives that sustain them. I would even throw in a car or two if I was Oprah, but alas, Oprah I am not. So five people get the poster and the CD, but all of you get my absolute love and appreciation.

Today is a holiday of live music and photography with Woodstomp at The Fillin' Station in Southaven, MS.

Rockin' gratitude.

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