Thursday, January 6, 2011


It is Friday Eve and the music is filling the car. I think there must be at least six instruments in these songs. The beat is heavy and it stirs with a passion so pure you think these writers, musicians, singers must be in their sixties. You would never think the drummer is singing. And these songs. THESE SONGS. People call this North Mississippi Hill Country Blues. It is.

It is Charlie Shearon and Connor Alexander. Two guys making this sound, living this story in a truth so kind you can't help but notice it.

I felt like a teenager when I got the CD today. On the front nicely written by someone who takes great notes is a message in black sharpie.

First copy.
Shea, Thank you for everything.

I will keep it forever and take care of it.

Charlie wrote at least one of these songs, my favorite if I could have a favorite. I heard a lady once say that in order for people to truly love something they must first identify with it. I identify with this song and consider it to be the only ballad I've ever heard these two guys perform. It is number five, and when it came on in my car ealier today I turned, looked at Shenna, smiled, sighed and said in just above a whisper, My favorite song. Then I felt a sudden pang of guilt 'cause I had just heard RL's Big Boss Man on track four and it was amazing and how could that not be my favorite.

Here's the thing. Connor is a genius on the guitar, what he does with it, how his hands and fingers move on that thing is something more than just practice. It is some mysterious innate ability programmed into his genetics which make that one instrument sound like at least five. He would blush if he ever read this, but it is true. I doubt he even recognizes his talent but maybe that's one of the things that makes him so good at what he does. He lets go and lets it happen. We're just lucky to witness it 'cause on track one is Remember Me, written and sung by Connor.

And where in the heck did track three come from? I thought I had heard everything these boys performed but they've surprised me. Shenna and I immediately picked up her phone and called Charlie to ask him about it.

Track two had us dancing in the car.

So it is rather fitting, I think, that track six, the last track is Happy Faces and you will be, you will be grinning from ear to ear by the time you get to this song and it will feel like summer, like riding in the back of your Daddy's green pickup on your way to the creek to swim in water so cold the watermelon will be chilled by the time you get out.


Right here I am giving away five of these to people who email me their gratitude. For what do you give thanks? Tell me. Email me at sheagoff at gmail dot com. The CD should be ready in about two weeks which will give me enough time to print up five copies of their first poster and have it signed by the artists, Robert Miller, Charlie and Connor. Collector's items, no doubt.

In two weeks from today I will draw five names from a hat of the gratitudes and will be so grateful to be the owner of a hat of gratitudes. It's a win win.

Today is a holiday of giving.


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